VBS captures kids’ attention
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"Our main goal for the week is to win as many souls as possible,” said Community Baptist Church pastor Dwayne Ryals.

“Our main goal for the week is to win as many souls as possible,” said Community Baptist Church pastor Dwayne Ryals.


Community Baptist Church in Gainesville is holding its annual vacation Bible school this week. Its theme is “Mighty God” and focuses on Moses.

Teresa Samples, who teaches 6- and 7-year-olds at the annual event, describes seven rooms inside the church decorated to help the kids who range in ages from 5–14 relate to the theme of the week.

“We really wanted the kids this year to understand Moses’ role in the Bible, so we created these visuals around the church to help them better understand who Moses really was,” said Angie Rider, VBS coordinator for the weeklong event.

“We try to make it fun for the kids but also make it easy for them to learn,” said Dwayne Ryals, pastor of the church at 2137 Spring Road.

The event, which started Sunday and goes through Friday, offers the kids who attend crafts, games, music, and Bible lessons.

“We try very hard to get our local community kids and parents to come out and enjoy VBS with us,” said Ryals. “At times, there is a language barrier but we work through that as best we can. Our main goal for the week is to win as many souls as possible.”

The church normally averages about 50 kids on Wednesday nights when it holds Bible study and kids programs. “On Tuesday night, we had 103 kids come out,” said Samples.

“We put signs up in all types of businesses around the community, and we also have some families that own property in the area that attend the church. So we put a big sign out there, letting people know that VBS is going on this week. But word of mouth has probably been the biggest thing to welcome everybody,” Ryals said.

Emily Ramirez, who has attended the last few years, loves the event.

“I enjoy coming to VBS because I learn a lot of things that I didn’t know about the Bible, and I also enjoy the activities that we get to do.”

Dorris Lawson, who has been teaching at the event for 40 years, wouldn’t miss a moment of teaching the babies things about the Bible.

“I love it,” said Lawson. “I get to interact with the babies, and teach them about Christ. I’ve taught kids who have grown up and brought their kids back. And now I’m teaching them.”

“She knows how to teach in a room full of screaming babies.” Said one of Lawson’s classroom helpers.

Walking around the sanctuary you can find a poster relating to each night lesson on the walls. “We want them to learn as much as possible while here,” said Rider.

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